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Culinary Philosophy

We pride ourselves on offering a selection of diverse dishes that capture the essence of Latin American cuisine. We source fresh, high quality ingredients to ensure freshness and authenticity in every bite.

"Latin Soul" was born with the vision of offering our diners a unique culinary experience, fusing tradition with innovation. We strive to turn each visit into a gastronomic journey that delights the senses and creates unforgettable memories.


Latin Soul Restaurant

Chicken Wings

8 Chicken wings with a choice of your favorite sauce Buffalo or BBQ served with carrots and celery sticks. And a choice ofranch or blue cheese dressing.


Chili Cheese Fries

Hot fresh and crunchy French fries smothered with pork green Chile and melted Mexican cheese.



Fresh smash avocados made from scratch with Onions, Tomatoes, Jalapenos, cilantro and lime juice with our special seasoning.



Mexican style quesadillas with cheese and a choice of chicken, steak, Chorizo or (shrimp extra 3.00) garnished with Pico de Gallo and Guacamole and sour cream.


Jalapeno poppers

8 delicious, breaded Jalapenos filled with cream cheese and served with lettuce and Ranch dressing on the side.


Onion rings

Hot and crunchy delicious beer battered onion rings basket, with ranch or homemade dressing on the side.



(Wrapped in banana leaf) chicken or pork.



Plate Price
Sour cream $2.50
Guacamole $3.50
Rice $2.50
Beans $2.50
Side salad $3.50
Green Chile $2.50
Pickle onions $1.75
French fries $2.50
Tortillas $1.75
Fresh cheese $1.75
Pico de Gallo $1.75
Huacatay sauce $1.75


Flour homemade tortilla, spread refried beans, scrambled egg, sour cream, pickle onions, and parmesan cheese.

Add(steak or chorizo $2.50).


Side of yuca frita

Served with salsa and curtido and huacatay sauce.


Fried plantain

Served with sour cream or refried beans.


Cheese quesadilla with rice and beans


$ 5.50

Chicken fingers with fries



Cheeseburger with fries


*Consuming raw or undercooked meat, seafood, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Latin Salad

Choose protein: steak, chicken breast or (shrimp $2.50 extra).

Fresh Lettuce bowl, tomato, red onion, green and red bell pepper, roasted corn chop cucumbers fresh cheese crispy corn tortilla strips and house dressing salad, or vinaigrette.


Cobb salad

Garden salad, bacon, avocado, grilled chicken breast, ham, hardboiled egg, tomato, red onion, and crumble blue cheese. With a choice of your favorite dressing.


Caesar salad with a choice of grilled chicken breast, steak, or shrimp($2.50).

Fresh romaine lettuce with homemade Caesar dressing parmesan cheese tomatoes and croutons.


Sopa de Gallina (Salvadorean style).

Boiled traditional hen Criolla pot with a combination of tomato, onion, green pepper, cilantro, carrots potatoes, green beans, loroco flower, zucchini, and seasonal vegetables.

Served with white rice chop fresh jalapenos lime wedge and corn tortillas on the side.


Sopa de Res (Latin style).

Boiled beef chunk and tail pot with yuca root, chop onions, tomatoes, green bell pepper, carrots, zucchini, squash corn on the cob and cilantro.

Served with white rice and corn tortillas and lime wedges on the side.


Creamy broccoli cheese Bowl



Clam chowder



Soup and salad combo

Side salad and a bowl of soup of your preference.


Soul Burger

Fresh and homemade seasoned ground beef Patty with a large bun spread mayonnaise and choose your own toppings to make your perfect burger. Served with French fries, soup, or side salad.


Toppings: lettuce, tomato, onions; cheese, Pico de Gallo, mushrooms, spinach, grilled pineapple slice, jalapenos, grilled veggies, pepper jack, American or Swiss cheese.

Extra protein: Bacon or ham $1.50, extra Beef Paty, chicken tenders or chorizo $2.50 green Chile $2.50.

Torta Mexicana

A delicious Mexican sandwich spread with mayonnaise, refried beans lettuce tomato pickles jalapenos and pickles onions and mozzarella cheese. Served with French fries on the side.

Your choice of protein:

Grilled chicken, steak, al pastor (marinated pork with pineapple), chorizo, or ham.


BLT sandwich

Toasted white bread with crisp bacon strips, lettuce and tomato spread mayo and served with cup of soup, side salad or French fries.


Chicken strips sandwich

Fresh and hot chicken strips with bacon lettuce tomato and pepper jack cheese and mayo.

Served with the choice of fries, soup, or salad.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meat, seafood, or egg may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Shrimp and grits

Delicious jumbo shrimps grilled Cajun style on a grits bed with lobster sauce, with grill red and green pepper and red onions.


Chicken fried steak/Chicken fried Chicken platter

Try our delicious hand breaded and marinated skirt steak or chicken deep fry and smothered with country gravy with a choice of two side.


Homemade meatloaf

Delicious homemade meatloaf cake served with mashed potatoes and a side of your preferences.


Grill Cajun shrimp or tilapia

Tilapia fillet or shrimp grilled with Cajun seasoning and spices served with rice and a choice of your preferences.

Or choose both for ($5.00).


Chicken tender platter

Taste our grandma recipe made it from scratch breaded chicken tender hot and juicy flavor served with fries and Broccoli.



Is a Salvadorean typical food. thick homemade corn tortilla filled with a different choice cooked in a flat grill served with curtido (cabbage pickle slaw) and homemade tomato sauce on the side.

Your choices:

Revueltas $2.50(Pork carnitas, cheese and beans) most traditional or make your own combination.

Toppings: $0.50 each up to three toppings.

All of them come with cheese.

Loroco(Salvadorean flower), jalapenos, pork carnitas, spinach, Beans, Chorizo, Chicken, mushrooms.


Taquitos Hondureños

Deep fried crunchy corn chicken taquitos garnished with fresh cabbage, Pico de Gallo, homemade tomato salsa, parmesan cheese pickle onions and homemade dressing.


Carne asada

Latin style skirt steak served with rice, beans Pico de Gallo, guacamole, fresh cheese corn tortillas.


Lomo or pollo saltado (Peruvian dish)

Sirloin steak strip sautéed with tomatoes and red onions and some seasonings served with fries and cilantro rice with the homemade huacatay sauce.


Mexican street tacos platter

3 taco street double small tortillas garnished with cilantro, onion avocado with cucumbers and radish pickles onions red and green sauce, rice and beans on the side.

Choose: steak, grill chicken, al pastor, or chorizo.



Delicious shrimp cooked in a lime juice with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapenos, and avocado wedges, Served with tostadas.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meat, seafood, or egg may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

*All breakfast with a choice of hashbrown or breakfast potatoes and pancake or toast.


Two eggs cook to order with a choice of bacon, turkey bacon, sausage link or sausage patty.


Hearty breakfast

3 eggs cook to order with bacon, sausage link and ham and 3 pancakes on the side.


Chorizo and grits

Delicious homemade pork chorizo in a bed of grits served with toast on the side.


Denver omelet

Eggs, green pepper, onions ham and American cheese choice of hashbrown or breakfast potato and toast or pancakes.


Chorizo omelet

Mix green pepper, onions, tomato and jalapenos with egg and pork chorizo.


Classic egg Benedict

Two basted eggs atop of grill Canadian bacon with toast English muffin smothered with a creamy hollandaise sauce served with hashbrown and fruit.


Avocado Benedict

2 basted eggs with fresh avocado and crispy bacon a top of grilled English muffin with our creamy hollandaise sauce, served with hashbrown and fruit.


Veggie benedict

2 basted eggs with tomato slices spinach and onions smothered with hollandaise sauce atop of English muffing. Served with hashbrown and fruit.


Bacon, sausage, Ham, or turkey bacon burrito

Scramble eggs mixed with sausage and bacon and Mexican cheese and potatoes, smothered with country gravy or green Chile.

Grilled Steak or Chicken burrito.

With scrambled eggs pepper jack cheese.


Chorizo burrito

Scramble eggs mixed with onions peppers tomato green pepper pork chorizo Mexican cheese and beans smothered with pork green Chile.


Veggie burrito

Scramble eggs mixed with roasted tomato, bell pepper, onions, Mexican cheese refried beans and gravy.


Biscuit and gravy platter

Two scrambled eggs with crispy bacon or sausage ling with 2 biscuits and gravy and a choice of hashbrown or fruit on the side.


Salvadorean` breakfast (served all day)

Two eggs cook to order with fried plantains, fresh cheese, refried beans, sour cream avocado and sausage with corn tortillas on the side.


Chorizo con Huevo Platter (served all day)

Scrambled egg mixed with tomato onion green pepper and homemade chorizo served with rice, refried beans avocado slices and corn tortillas.


Breakfast sides

Plate Price
Grits $2.50
Hashbrown $2.50
Breakfast potato $2.50
Fresh fruit cup $3.00
Hollandaise Sauce $2.00
Toast $2.50
Bacon $2.75
English Muffin $2.50
Country Gravy $2.50

Waffle, French toast or Pancakes plate

With Two eggs cook to order with a choice any protein.


Blueberry or strawberry waffle French toast or pancakes

Delicious strawberry or Blueberries compost and fresh fruit with the whipped cream powder sugar on top and maple syrup on the side.


Cinnamon rolls

Freshly bake warm homemade cinnamon rolls with delicious frosty on top.


Oatmeal in a Bowl

Served with milk and brown sugar and toast on the side.


Berries granola and yogurt parfait



La nina fresa

Deep fry ice cream with fresh strawberries and chocolate and whipped cream on top.


Flantastico flan

Delicious Latin American traditional custard with caramel whipped cream.


Yummy Tres leches cakes

Delicious homemade tracicional latin tres leches cakes.


Heavenly churros

A delicious cinnamon and sugar Mexican churros accompanied with chocolate and whipped cream.


Choco chocolate cake

Slice of delicious chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on the side.


Soft Drinks

Plate Price
Natural and from the house drinks: $3.00
*Mexican coke $3.00
*Flavor Mexican jarritos $3.00
*Iced tea(Free refill) $3.00
*Sweet tea(Free refill) $3.00

Hot drinks

Plate Price
Coffee $2.50
Hot Chocolate(Free refill) $3.00
Hot tea $2.50

Sides $2.50

Plate Price
*Mashed potatoes
*French Fries
*Steam vegetables
*Mac and cheese
*Green beans
*Sweet potato fries
*Refried beans
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